Friday, January 7, 2011

In The Interest of Clarity

I decided to summarize my blog ideas in a blog. Novel idea! My interests are broad, my knowledge is expanding therefore I will go with my gut.

1. Home Theater - How to make one on the cheap, maintain and enjoy
2. Ponding - If that is a word....the serene world of backyard ponds
3. Youth Basketball Coaching - My take on the do's and don'ts coaching kids on basketball
4. Responsible Ssustainability - As it applies to residential living
5. Cooking - My take on how to cook food at home without killing yourself
6. Computers and Technology - The real usefulness of the stuff
7. Consolidated Living -  How to be always looking to downsize....stuff is overhead, overhead is money
8. Office Interiors - I have extensive experience in this field

That will get it started.

Here is my life experiences in a paragraph.

Born and raised where I now live, suburban Philly. Went to public school until Junior year, graduated from Haverford School. Attended college in Allentown until after 3 years I figured out the partying was truly not a major. Was studying history which prepared me well for a job in the restaurant industry. Worked my way up to manager at several Chili's in the tri state area. Learned a whole hell of alot from that life experience. Held down several jobs including fueling planes at PHL. Began installing office furniture as a full time gig. Went into project management, then into Account Management. Worked with 2 Fortune 25 companies for 7 years as their main contact for products and services. Industry collapsed, started consulting and here I am.

41, married, 2 daughters, dog is Louie, single home in suburban Philly.

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