Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is baseball season once again!!!!

It's almost here......spring training.....Why does it bring such good feelings to so many people. I think there are many reasons but here is my perspective.

  1. Most people were introduced to baseball by a father figure of some type. For me it was my Grandfather so baseball season brings happy thoughts of him. Baseball is also very focused on its roots and pays a great deal of respect to those who played.
  2. We have learned a great many lessons from baseball. The game itself is not an action game like the other 3 major sports. Baseball requires paitence, attention and understanding.
  3. Baseball is an intimate game. Seating tends to be close to the players.
  4. We know the weather is warming and that gets us out of the winter doldrums.
As a kid I went to Phillies games and never paid. My Grandfather knew guys at the gates. He would bring them hoagies and pepper and egg sandwiches and in we went. We never sat in a seat, we sat on milkcrates. He said he would never sit in someone's seat out of respect in case they came later. We were perfectly happy watching the game from our crates. We always kept the score card. This made me pay attention to the game. Most games he would talk through the game and try to explain the action. That is how I learned.
I never realized many of these things until I had a child of my own. I made mistakes by allowing their experiences to be molded by outside sources, ie tv, internet, friends. Baseball and any sport for that matter is a great opportunity to connect with your kids. If you interact with them, they will learn from you and not the game. Baseball games work well because there is so much time in between plays to really be present. While I do not aggree with many of President Obama's policies, he did strike a chord last night when he spoke of family. Here is yet another example of how we can be present and relavant in the lives of our children.
Baseball is a game, a pastime, a diversion of sorts. Treat it that way. Let it mean everything and nothing at the same time, but make your kids part of that experience so that one day in February after your long gone, they will get that feeling for baseball again and think of you.

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