Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Long and the Short of It

So, another SOU here and gone. What has changed? The tone? The principles? The agenda? Well, nothing. This is not an indictment of President Obama, it is an indictment of the people whom we elect to "serve". Let me disclose that I disdain those who complain and do not try to make an impact and serve. So I disdain myself.

Here is what is broken with our federal government. It is the same thing that caused the big businesses in banking, airlines, and auto to fail. THEY ARE TOO BIG TO MANAGE!!!!  GM failed because it could not dig itself out of the hole it created for itself. It should have been left to fail. Failure would have meant a breakdown to smaller more manageable pieces. The reasons our federal government and for that matter state governments are failing is because they are too massive. Efficient models to not include unsustainable growth. That is what we have. State and local government need to be given back more control. Federal should deal with protection and international affairs. Sounds crazy right? How about half of the 28% or so of our federal tax dollars gets shifted back to the local level so we can see our money at work. I know, I am a rebel.

I have always learned that to solve a problem you must break it down to manageable parts. That is what needs to happen. The D's and R's getting together only to save their asses for the next election cycle will not change the fundamental problem. Open and free capitalism relies on things to fail. That is how it sustains itself. When something works it succeeds, when it doesn't it fails and another good idea rises to replace. Government should be no different.

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