Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of My Union "Made in the USA"

In the spirit of the day, I have chosen to attempt to communicate my thoughts on the state of my union. My union is my family, my spirit, my country, in that order.

First, because it is in front of me, someone please outlaw legal commercials on TV. I know, I know, about freedoms, but enough. Our own legal system is crushing us. Ok, moving on.

This country is in trouble. This country is on trouble. I said it twice. It is ok to say. It is true. Speaking about optimism is not going make it go away. You can speak to the truth and also fix the problem.

We need to get back to basics. Truth, truth, truth. We overspend. Period. We are not responsible for the world's security. If we can responsibly impact the liberty and freedom abroad, I am all in favor. If it puts our domestic balance in jeopardy, then no. Ed Rendell just captured it perfectly, "we should not be nation building in Afghanistan, we should be nation building here". The arguments of nation security are false. We empower and enable those who mean us harm by giving them a platform. Pull the platform. Bring our courageous troops home and have them working to secure our borders and increase our security.

Special Needs, pet projects, ear marks, whatever you want to call it. STOP. Now. The impact to jobs is unsustainable. These are project based items. Infrastructure needs to maintained but not under the guise if job creation. Jobs need to be created based on sustainable markets, We need to get back to making things. We are shifting all of our wealth overseas. STOP. If we all simply create demand for "made in the USA", products will be made here. Small steps have big impact when social media is used to communicate. They work for us. Period. Stop telling us what is best for us. We tell you. How much does it cost us for them to put on this BS tonight. Take that money invest in schools. Put the speech out from the oval office. We as a people are not that ignorant that we believe that a speech will change anything.

Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Tea Party whatever your label, loose it. We are Americans first and foremost and we are in a spiral. It needs to stop. We need to be bold in our embrace of innovation. Innovation comes from education. Education comes from home. Children learn when their homes are balanced and secure. Security does mean money. Security is a sense of belonging. A sense of peace. That can happen anywhere, anytime. Remove the word stress from your vocabulary and it will be removed from our kids'. Stress and worry wastes time. Never has stress or worry lead to innovation. Innovation truly happens when the mind is present and working on a solution for that which is front of us.

In summary, our economy is a mess, our social skills towards each other are selfish. Much needs to be done to reverse the past 60 years of unsustainable spending, growth and social injustice. None of this will be addressed if we do not start truly educating our children. Educating means thinking. We need problem solving skills, risk assessment, conflict resolution, independent analysis not memorized information.

My great grandparents came to this country for freedom. This country gave them that. They passed on to me the responsibility to ensure that this is protected for the decedents. "Made in the USA"

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