Friday, February 25, 2011

Basketball Coach Suspended and Resigns- Overtime- The I in TEAM

He quit.....there is so much wrong with this story I really don't know where to begin. I am going to focus on the downstream affects of this outcome from my perspective.

I have now seen the video in real time and in slow motion umpteen times. The coach in no way shape or form tried to hurt the player, period. I now understand that the coach apologized to the TEAM after that practice. That should have been the end of it. However, this player decided to put an I in TEAM. By putting his feelings above the overall good of the team, this player failed in his duties as a teammate. The player failed, his parents failed him, the lawyer representing him failed, the media who slanted this story failed, and finally after all is said and done, the coach failed.

In team sports the collective goals of the team always override individual aspirations. Many times an individual must sacrifice for the good of the team. Sometimes that hurts. Sometimes it is embarrassing. However, in order to develop into a good leader one must follow at sometime. By following we learn humility, compassion and conviction. The greatest leaders all possess those qualities. It is not genetics, it is learned. Social skills are developed through a young adults life. We have begun a process of sheltering our kids from these valuable lessons because we are too selfish and do not want to feel the pain with them. Everybody wins!!!! If everybody wins, how will they know how to react when they don't!!!!!!

The only thing hurt on that player were his feeling and pride. The greater concern I have is the snowball effect. Will this now change coaches approach to teaching? Those with conviction won't even blink, the ones who aspire to the popular approval, will change. That is sad!

We need to begin to take back the values of this country. These values have nothing to do with Elephants or Asses, but rather passing on virtues that will allow our children to succeed. I think we forget as parents that our job is to prepare our children for an independent life. Give them the tools to deal with the bad and show humility towards the good.

This young man has just been robbed of a valuable lesson, there is no I in TEAM!

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