Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is a Common Sense Facilitator Anyway?

A couple of years ago amid a very busy time in a previous career, I found myself consumed with putting out fires, trouble shooting. Some of this was self inflicted, but most was cause by an overwhelming case of CYA by others. Frustrating was an understatement. After one day of insanity, I was talking to a trusted customer on the telephone reviewing the days activities. One phrase was repeated over and over again.COMMON SENSE. I asked this gentleman how he would define this phrase. He stated, "doing was is easy and right quickly". That caused me to have a "save the world" philosophical moment. Common, meaning known or often,and sense referring to what we perceive. This gentleman went on to discuss the strength of my ability to facilitate processes that were in his (the customer) best interests. The aaahhhhaaaa  moment.

A common sense facilitator is one who does not let process, negativity or fear allow people to hesitate on common sense decisions. They are versed in motivation, compassion and process analysis. In laymen terms, they would be someone who walks up behind someone was is not using common sense and pops them on the back of the head to reengage the sense of common. We all need this from time to time, but in the business world it is desperately needed. Too many companies miss opportunities or loss clients because of their lack of common sense.

Common sense is simply what is known to be good and right. Stealing is not good or right. Ignorance is not good or right. False advertising is not good or right. So let's just say for example we had champions at every company simply focusing on these common sense principles. How would that change the landscape of business?

Common sense has nothing to do with your intelligence level, skill level or sales expertise, it has to do more with the ability to apply sustainable business practices into your everyday tasks.We have all seen the marketing for "your trusted resource for "x" ". How can a company be trusted if we don't know them? Common sense marketing is all about showing a product or service for what it is. If its a widget, then show it as a widget, not a Porsche. If your service model commits to a turnaround time then stick to it or be upfront and adjust the end users expectation levels. This is common sense. We need more facilitators.

So when people ask me why I use that title, I simply explain that it best defines my core principles no matter what business model I am involved in at the time. Currently I am involved with video surveillance projects. I refuse to oversell anything. It is video. It does not need a premium name. It needs to work, period. People do not need the latest and greatest, they need what works consistently. That is common sense. In my social media consulting, I do not feel companies should spend for quantity, ie followers,hits,network alliances. They should pay for a carefully thought out plan to utilize their funds for a sustainable program. That is common sense.

PS.....If someone finds a way to make a million dollars off this concept, I expect to be compensated by a simple thank you.

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